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Enter into a worship zone with Prophetic Creations from the Lord's Hidden Treasures. We are in our fifth year creating kingdom regalia and worship weapons for your custom needs. It is our desire to see the body of Christ expand in intimate worship to the Lord with these Holy Spirit inspired worship tools.

When you understand the meaning of "raising a Standard (flag)" and "making a wave offering to the Lord" you will see why these worship weapons will enhance your level worship.

We are ready to create worship weapons to expand your personal and congregational worship. Need an Altar display that represents the Majesty of God? Our Royal crown sets can be customized to coordinate with the colors of your worship sanctuary. Use our Wave Hoops, Scarves and Streamers to make a wave offering to the Lord. Parade customized Standards, Banners and Crowned pillows that remind you of the glory and majesty of God. Need a unique gift for your Pastors for an anniversary, birthday or Christmas? A 4' Deluxe Designer Scepter would make a perfect gift. 

Check back periodically to see updates to our site and new creations. Like our fan page on Facebook and subscribe to our You Tube channel where we are soon to release instructional and usage videos. Come let us seek the Lord for what Prophetic Creations you need to take your Praise and Worship to the next level.

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