The Lord’s Hidden Treasures came into being in June 2009. A desire to have a scepter to study and prepare for a conference, entitled “The Scepter of His Kingdom” sponsored by Crusaders Impact Network of churches, was the start of this idea.

I was unable to find the right scepter and was led and instructed by the Spirit of the Lord to buy materials and make two scepters. Afterward, I could not stop making them until I had made fifteen scepters and again until I had made thirty. I worked diligently night and day like a crazy woman. I asked the Lord that if this was a gifting in me to validate it because I never felt that anything I did was good enough. In spite of my insecurities I made every piece to His glory. When all thirty of them were finished they stood illuminated and I gave God glory for they were stunning. 

I wanted Apostle Eckhardt to give them to his guest speakers as gifts. We thought they may not be able to carry them on the plane. Numerous people wanted to buy them when they saw the display but I told them they were gifts and were not for sale. The people pressed and pressed me all day. Apostle told me to go ahead and sell them. To my amazement all of them sold. I made scepters three more times in my hotel room and they all sold. 

People throughout the conference, from all the different countries, insisted that I go into business. They gave me suggestions, ideas and made me business cards. This business was birthed then and there. Later I found that there were 14 different countries in attendance at this conference and (the USA) Apostle Eckhardt made the 15th person. That was the purpose of the first fifteen scepters. The desire for these scepters never stopped.

God gave me the name “The Lord’s Hidden Treasures Prophetic Creations” because I tapped into the treasures of prophetic creations that were hidden within me. I have an overwhelming desire to glorify the Lord through worship and to show his beauty of Holiness and all of His attributes. My desire is that they are exhibited through theses creations.

June 2010 the Lord gave me to add Praise and Worship items along with crowns and matching scepter sets. He also gave us a sister in the Lord and in business, Marshia Hobson, who is gifted in many areas like sewing, designing and is creative with a business mindset. In preparing for the 2010 conference we both discovered that we had hidden treasures in us and everything we make is created prophetically. We believe that we can make whatever is requested of us.

We envision that God is going to take us into other avenues of creativity even dealing with designs, and we are open to His leading. 

Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness give unto him the Glory that is due his name. Psalms 29:13.

Mildred Dean Alexander

Warfare Shield