Meanings of Materials, Objects, Symbols & Colors
The following list gives some meaning to the fabrics, trims, symbols and colors that are used on worship tools. 

Brocade - worn by kings

Linen - purity of Jesus, righteousness of the saints, worn by royalty and persons of rank

Sheer Materials - freedom and lightness, our joy in His presence

Diamonds - enduring, of great value, the saints of God

Glittering Stones and Jewels - God's light, the glories of God 

Pearls - enduring, of great price

Bells - high priest's movement in the holy place, victory in praise and worship 

Candle - Jesus - the light of the world 

Cross  - Jesus' victory over death, our faith

Crown - crown of glory, crown of life, crown of righteousness, Jesus - king over all of earth and heaven, victory

Dove - Holy Spirit  

Flame - Holy Spirit

Flowers - fruitful "blooming" of God's people, Jesus - rose of Sharon and lily of the valley

Keys - spiritual authority over the spirit realms 

Lamb - Jesus - the sacrifice for our sins

Lamp - wisdom and knowledge 

Star of David - the people of Israel

Sun - Jesus - Son of Righteousness

Tassels - holiness, reminder to obey God's commandments

Black can refer to the act of His creation. As it says in Genesis, it was out of the void (nothingness) and darkness (black) the He created the heavens and the earth. Black - affliction, bondage, darkness, death, evil, sin, sorrow, sadness.

Blue - divine revelation, faith, faithfulness, grace, heaven, heavenly love, truth, splendor, water

Bright Colors - favor, joy of the Lord

Bronze - judgment of God, Truth, justice, judgment

Brown - spiritual death

Gold - all saints, eternal deity, glory of God, holiness of life, purity, purification, glory of heaven 

Gray - mourning 

Green - creation, growth, charity, eternal life, health, hope, prosperity, spring, the trinity 

Magenta - joy, passion 

Orange - fall harvest, healing, praise, fire, power 

Pink - new life, Healing, Health

Purple- kingship, kingdom authority, majesty, nobility, power, royalty, grace  

Red - atonement, blood of Jesus, courage, love, martyred saints, redemption, sacrifice, sovereign power, salvation 

Rose - Messiah 

Scarlet - Christ the sacrificial Lamb, courage 

Silver - atonement, price of redemption, reconciliation, wisdom, Word of God 

Violet - love, passion, repentance, sorrow, suffering 

White - Bride of Christ, God the Creator, holiness, innocence, purity, righteousness, cleansing, the saints

Yellow - joy, spiritual enlightenment, light, celebration, faith